The Security Culture Conference 2015 takes place in beautyful Oslo in June - the best time to enjoy the city of Oslo, the beaches, the food, the vikings and so much more!

Using Oslo as the setting scene, the Security Culture Conference 2015 focus on building security culture using best practice. The speakers have extensive experience from building security culture using the Security Culture Framework (https://scf.roer.com), and will be sharing their experiences through talks and workshops.

The full day pass includes all talks and workshops, and you can choose the topics that are relevant to you and your cultural needs.

To maximize the return for your organization - bring colleagues from HR, Communications and Security - then you can attend workshops tailored to each roles needs, and kick-start the security culture results in your workspace!  

The conference at a brief: build on the security culture framework, we look at how to involve people in your culture program, how to measure your culture and how to build a security culture program from scratch. You will also learn from the experiences of using the framework to build culture in different industries and countries.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!  

Featured Speakers

avatar for Roar Thon

Roar Thon

Security Culture
avatar for J. Wolfgang Göerlich

J. Wolfgang Göerlich

CBI (Creative Breakthroughs, Inc.)
Vice President of Strategic Programs


avatar for Mo Amin

Mo Amin

Independent InfoSec Consultant

Waldo Rocha Flores

avatar for Shan Lee

Shan Lee

Head of Information Security
avatar for Kai Roer

Kai Roer

The Roer Group AS
Senior Partner