The Security Culture Conference 2015 takes place in beautyful Oslo in June - the best time to enjoy the city of Oslo, the beaches, the food, the vikings and so much more!

Using Oslo as the setting scene, the Security Culture Conference 2015 focus on building security culture using best practice. The speakers have extensive experience from building security culture using the Security Culture Framework (https://scf.roer.com), and will be sharing their experiences through talks and workshops.

The full day pass includes all talks and workshops, and you can choose the topics that are relevant to you and your cultural needs.

To maximize the return for your organization - bring colleagues from HR, Communications and Security - then you can attend workshops tailored to each roles needs, and kick-start the security culture results in your workspace!  

The conference at a brief: build on the security culture framework, we look at how to involve people in your culture program, how to measure your culture and how to build a security culture program from scratch. You will also learn from the experiences of using the framework to build culture in different industries and countries.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!  

The Security Culture Conference 2015 is a community driven conference organized by the Security Culture Framework community (https://scf.roer.com) - a community that is dedicated to further the development of the framework, spread the knowledge of how to build and maintain culture. 

The goal of organizing a conference is simple, and two-fold: 

  • create a meetingplace where people who care about (security) culture can meet, learn and grow
  • promote the free and open security culture framework as a method and process to build and maintain security culture

The community consists of a number of individuals and organizations worldwide, who reccognize the benefits of working together to increase security culture. Community members comes in all sorts:

  • Partners - business and consulting partners who assist in implementing the Security Culture Framework for their clients. Partners are certified by The Roer Group, the creators of the framework. 
  • Public endorsers - the fine folks who talk about the framework to improve it´s reach, and who publicly share their own use and experiences.
  • Public supporters - people who engage in enhancing the framework, and share their support of the framework publicly
  • Security Culture Practitioners - graduates from the yearly Security Culture Summer Camp
  • Security Culture Coaches - a special breed who ask the difficult questions to help you succeed
  • Non-public practitioners - people/organizations who use the framework without disclosing it publicly. 
  • Non-public supporters - people who willingly use their experience and expertice to help us evolve the framework, and who do not want to disclose their role due to their own reasons. 
The Security Culture Community is not organized in any sort of legal structure, and the administration of the conference is done by The Roer Group. 

I want to take a part of the community!

So you want to help the community growing? Here are a few simple things you can do:
  • Promote the conference in your network!
  • Promote the Security Culture Framework (https://scf.roer.com) in your community
  • Sign up and join the discussion forum at https://scf.roer.com/register
  • Sign up for the conference to meet and greet some of the fantastic people in the community
  • Suggest your own!
Not enough for you? Do you want to actively participate and spread your knowledge? Here are some suggestions: 
  • Sign up at the forum, and be active
  • Reach out to the key members on twitter
  • Actively spread the word
  • Suggest improvements to the content and templates
  • Create new templates, and suggest them to the community managers
  • Coding skills? We may have a project or two to play around with!
  • Writing skills? We are looking for content creators and curators
  • Language skills? Help us translate! 
  • Trainer skills? We are building a team of Security Culture Trainers to train clients and partners worldwide.
  • Business skills? Help bridging the gap between security culture and business requirements! 
  • People skills? Help create understanding of how to interact with different people!